disaster recovery sites


what it is

edgeplex.com hosts hot standby sites for emergency support communications when the original host has been disabled for any reason. This enables communications between a service provider and their clients to continue at the url that customers are accustomed to.

why you need it

When outages occur customers normally seek answers at the support portal. In the event of a total outage that portal will not be available. There will also be no way of reaching customers to point them at an alternative. Having a site that takes over the internet location of the production portal seamlessly means that customers will be able to get the latest news.

how it works

Automatic failover to the hot standby host is managed by edgedirector dns failover services. The dns record for the production host is automatically replaced with the standby record when a failure is detected. The dns record for the production host is automatically put back into service when the host starts passing tests again. Users will transparently arrive at the hot standby server when they attempt to access a failed production server.

Manual failover is possible if the site is not using edgedirector managed dns services for failover. However, it requires manual updates of the dns records, and the dns servers must be available at the time of failure.

what it costs

edgeplex hot standby services are $5.00/month charged on an annual basis. The subscription expiry is on the next anniversary date from the payment date.

what's next

To signup, please use the self service sign up page.

Subscriptions are activated 48 hours after purchase. Please plan ahead, instant activations are not available under any circumstances.

find out more

screenshots of a site configured for support.example.com:

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username: support@example.com
password: password

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